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Ambassadsors for Christ

March 31st, 2011 | Filed Under: Ambassadors, Author, Mitch Kuhn, Topical Studies0 Comments

By Mitch Kuhn

God’s elect in this life have been assigned the the role of representing Him to the rest of the world. Just as God sent Christ, so Christ sends out his disciples to preach the gospel, which typify the elect. Christ’s Ambassador’s are not impressive people by the world’s standards, in fact they are people who have been crushed by trials, humbled by weakness, and do not want to be Ambassadors when God first calls them. Through their weakness the power of God is revealed, and these Ambassadors boldly proclaim the Gospel and walk the narrow way of righteousness in this present evil world.

This study reveals the life of an Ambassador for Christ: how they are drug to Christ, given the Body of Christ to help them, declare the Gospel boldly, rightfully handle the word of God, properly teach others, and warn God’s people. It will also set proper expectations for the severe trials that lie ahead, as well as the inexpressible value of the rewards.