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TryingTheSpirits.com is dedicated to posting teachings about the word of God and helping members of the body of Christ fellowship with one another. Every member of the body of Christ has their own particular function. Some members are gifted with the ability to teach the Word of God to others for their growth and encouragement. There are numerous teachers who contribute material for TryingTheSpirits.com. Some of our teachers have their own websites as well.

Current teachers include:

Mitchell Kuhn

Mitchell operates TryingTheSpiririts.com with the help of his faithful webmaMitchel-Kuhnster Riquard Vreekamp.

Mitchell Kuhn was born and raised in Dallas, TX where he attended Trinity Christian Academy from kindergarten through 12th grade. This is where he gained a working knowledge of the bible and first learned about the Christian faith.

Mitchell attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas TX and studied Finance. He became much more serious about his faith during his sophomore year of college and decided to take a year off of school and go work for Campus Crusade for Christ in Pisa, Italy. He spent 2004-2005 in Pisa learning Italian, doing evangelism at the University of Pisa, and studying Christian apologetics.

Mitchell was deeply impacted by his experience in Italy. He began to see his own shortcomings more clearly and marveled at God’s sovereignty. Mitchell’s most important revelation during his 11 months in Italy was that no one can be saved if God does not open their eyes and soften their heart. Mitchell was a staunch Calvinist at this time.

Upon returning from Italy, Mitchell began to work for his father at the family insurance agency while finishing his degree at SMU and leading bible studies. His health began to decline as stress mounted from business challenges and a demanding schedule.

Mitchell was attending Watermark Community Church at the time. He was asked to be a part of the young adult’s elder board and led a bible study for young men.

Through continued health issues and business challenges, Mitchell began to see that he did not have a free will as he once thought. He saw God’s total sovereignty in his own life and witnessed it throughout the scriptures. He also began to question the common Christian doctrine of eternal torment in hell.

Mitchell began to do in-depth studies of the scriptures in 2006 which eventually lead him to leave Watermark Community Church in the fall of 2007. He was greatly influenced by the writings of Mike Vinson, found on IsWasandWillBe.com. Mr. Vinson confirmed many of the things that Mitchell was discovering himself and was used of God to open Mitchell’s eyes to the spiritual meaning behind the letters of the scriptures.

Mitchell travels extensively to strengthen the Churches and fellowship with other members of the Body of Christ. None of Mitchell’s work would be possible without his connection to the other members of the Body of Christ spread all over the world. He is well aware that all things are caused by God and that he can do nothing of himself. All glory be to God the Father.

Mitchell earns his living as a Financial Advisor. He founded Wisdom Financial and is a 12+ year veteran of the insurance industry.

Mitchell hosts a live bible study online every week. Click Here to see the live bible study schedule.

E-mail: MitchKuhn@gmail.com
Cell: 214-676-0933
Skype: MitchKuhn
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 Victor Torres: 

Victor PHoto

Victor was born and raised in the Philippines. He was raised a Catholic but his parents were never devout followers.  When  Victor was 21 years old, he joined a Catholic bible study group which is when he began reading the bible. Two years later, Victor migrated to Utah and met his wife Ann who is a member of a church called Iglesia Ni Cristo. He converted to that church back in 1998.

When Victor’s father (who remained a Catholic) died in 2004, Victor started searching the internet regarding hell and God’s salvation. He came across www.IsWasandWillBe.com and the writings of Mike Vinson . Victor learned that hell is not endless torment and that God has a plan to save all of His creation. He also discovered that mankind does not have free will and that God is in control of all things. God began opening Victor’s eyes to see the truth of God’s word which included: the law of Moses is for a carnal nation, the old testament are types and shadows of us today, the words in the bible have a deeper spiritual meaning, etc.

Victor makes his living as a computer programmer in Utah.

Victors hosts a live bible study online every week. Click Here to see the live bible study schedule.



Mike Vinson

Mike attended Ambassador College in Big Sandy TX. He has been a member of the Worldwide Church of God and the Concordant Church. He currently resides in Flowery Branch Georgia with his wife Sandi. Mike was a remodeling contractor and is now retired.Mike and Sandi Vinson

Mike operates www.IsWasandWillBe.com with the help of his wife Sandi and webmaster Steven Crook. He also hosts  live bible study online every week. Click Here to see the live bible study schedule.

You can read Mike’s full bio by clicking here. 

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Larry Groenewald 

Larry and his wife Lyndell currently reside in the Cape Town Metropolitan area in South Africa. Larry has done a considerable amount of writing and teaching in English which is posted on TryingTheSpirits.com. and also has his own blog in Afrikaans.

Larry Groenewald

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Steven Crook

Steven Crook and wife Angie life in Indianapolis Indiana. Steven is the webmaster for www.IsWasandWillBe.com and also writes many studies himself. Steven also hosts a live online bible study every week. Click Here to see the live bible study schedule.   Steven Crook

Steve earns his living as an IT director.

– swcrook@gmail.com










Ayo Fabiyi 

Ayo FabiyiAyo is originally from Nigeria and moved to England when he was about 10 years old. He was initially raised in a Muslim house, as Ayo’s grandmother and great grandmother raised him in the Muslim culture. Just before and upon moving to England, Ayo and his mother followed his father to Christianity.

Ayo has a tremendous knowledge of the scriptures which can be clearly seen in his writings.

Ayo earns his living as a Pharmacist in London.

– agapayo@yahoo.co.uk
– Skype: agape.ayo





Tony Cullen

Tony currently resides in Ottawa Canada with his wife Gale. Tony is a talented musician and posts his work on his website anthocul.wordpress.com. You will often find him playing piano and singing with his wife. He is also a gifted teacher and posts studies on his website as well.Tony Cullen

Tony also hosts a live online bible study every week. Click Here to see the live bible study schedule.

Tony earns his living as a property manager in Canada.

Skype: TonyCullen1963





Pete Wilson

Pete spent most of his life in the United States and now lives with his wife Ronel in South Africa. Pete is an excellent writer and teacher. His studies are posted on his website Pete Wilsontruthinscripture.com. Pete also hosts a live bible study online every week. Click Here to see the live bible study schedule.

Pete earns his living as a telecommunication consultant.









Aaron Lohman

Aaron Lohman is from Indianapolis Indiana and earns his living as an electrical engineer. Aaron is gifted at encouraging others to dig into the scriptures for themselves. He hosts an interactive bible study online every week. Click Here to see the live bible study schedule.

– aaronlohman@comcast.net
-Skype: aaron_lohman