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Hope and Patience

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February 3rd, 2016 | Filed Under: Author, Ayo Fabiyi, Hope and Patience, Mitch Kuhn, Topical Studies1 Comments | Author:

I will be combining two studies that are closely linked together to bring a greater clarity to the operation of God in all the trials we encounter.
The first study was on the “chains” that hedges us in and bind us to the things of this world. We will be covering what those chains are, who binds us in them, the means those chains are loosed and broken and what the Scripture reveals regarding the purpose of God behind them.

The second study was on “Hope and Patience”. Hope is a big study in itself as is this fruit of the spirit – Patience.
They are central to so many areas of godliness that they can both be studied side by side, both being closely intertwined.
This is seen in many of the Psalms and books of the Prophets. Their purposes are further revealed for us in the New Testament.

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