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The Salvation of All

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March 17th, 2014 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn0 Comments | Author:

by Mitch Kuhn

The vast majority of Christians today believe that God is going to burn many people in hell by torturing them for all eternity. It is actually considered a great heresy by many that God would have mercy upon all men and eventually bring all to salvation. I firmly believed this doctrine of eternal torment, and was very motivated to tell others what I thought was the good news of the gospel of God. The Gospel that some will be saved and some will burn forever in hell is not good news, but rather a twisted and heretical view of God’s glorious plan of salvation.

The truth is that from the very beginning, God planned to redeem every person he ever created in addition to the spirit realm: angels, demons, and even Satan himself. In this study I’m going to show you in great detail from the scriptures, how God has hidden this plan to restore all things behind the types, shadows, and symbols of the Old Testament.

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