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Atlanta Georgia December 2013 Conference

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August 21st, 2013 | Filed Under: Author, Music4 Comments | Author:

Dates: Saturday December 21st – Sunday December 29th.

Videos of the conference:

I Will Wait featuring Train Whistle

Click here to go to a shared folder on Dropbox with more music of the conference (and more).

Click here to watch the videos of the study about patience by Mitch Kuhn.


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  • Michelle Kelly

    Hi Mitch, you spelt Georgia above, “Georgie”…. being Canadian, I still knew what you were talking about : ).

  • MitchellKuhn

    Ha, ok thanks. I’ll fix it.

  • wendy

    Love the video. Thanks for posting. When I saw it. I wished myself among you all.

  • MitchellKuhn

    We look forward to meeting you soon!