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The Winter Will Soon Be Gone

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April 4th, 2013 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn, Poetry9 Comments | Author:

A Poem about the seasons we experience in the spirit
by Mitch Kuhn

This world is dying as flesh fades away
There will be great sorrow as long as we stay

The more we are given eyes to see
The more we understand the depravity and desire to flee

We would rather be with Christ and depart
Yet we stay for the body, to strengthen every heart

Some days are dark and the blackness thick
We cry for deliverance, that is would be quick

There are seasons that God withholds the rain
They seem to last forever and bring much pain

Sing praises to the Lord and raise a righteous shout
His glory will appear to wipe away the drought

Every morning the darkness flees as the sun does rise
The rain will come as we press on towards prize

The Lord always appears right on time
I often wish it would be sooner, but it’s his will and not mine

The winter passes, and soon spring appears
The sounds of life and joy begin to fill our ears

We labor on through the summer time
Storing up for the mountains we’ll have to climb

We pass through fall on the way to the winter season
This time of trials and sadness happens for a reason

All becomes bleak and quite cold
We are grateful that our winter coats were not sold

Looking back we eat what has been prepared
We are strengthened that our feet may not be snared

When we think we can endure no more
Then we hear the Lions roar

The spring is not far away
For another season we will stay

On and on the cycle goes
As Christ within us slowly grows

So just keep holding on
The darkness of winter will soon be gone

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  • Gale C

    Absolutely beautiful Mitch! We just went for an hour’s walk along side the canal where the snow and ice are melting and the crocuses have punched through the frozen ground to show signs of life… so hearty these leaves… like his firstfruits that He is developing! Love and (((hugs))) Tony & Gale

  • MitchellKuhn

    Thank you!

  • MitchellKuhn

    You are quite welcome. I appreciate your kind words.

    Mitch Kuhn

  • Johanna C. Tompkins

    Thank you Mitch! This is a beautiful timely Word for both the spiritual and natural! What a beautiful Blessing you are to The Body!

  • MitchellKuhn

    Thank you very much!

    Mitch Kuhn

  • Brian Bingham

    Very nicely expressed Mitch. The winters here in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada are very long and harsh but spring and summer bring such joy. The same is with the daily trials in my life associated with my health. When the springtime of eternity arrives all my trials will give way to the joy of being with the Lord.

  • MitchellKuhn


    Mitch Kuhn

  • Tina Sumrall

    Wow Mitch this came at a much needed time, you are very gifted at writing and it makes my heart glad… ysic Tina

  • MitchellKuhn

    Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad it helped you.

    Mitch Kuhn