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New Local Dallas TX Meeting

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April 14th, 2013 | Filed Under: Announcements, Author, Mitch Kuhn0 Comments | Author:

Do you have doubts or questions about the teachings of the Church? This group is a safe place for you to ask questions about the bible and search out the truth of the scriptures. Have you ever doubted what you have been taught about hell, the Trinity, tithing, free will, or any other church doctrine? I left my Church back in 2007 because no one would study these difficult topics with me to see what the bible actually teaches. Let’s get together and deeply study the scriptures. We will study the original Greek and Hebrew to see if our modern translations have been distorted by established Church doctrine. We’ll leave the traditions of man behind and take a fresh look at God’s word.

The first meeting will be Sunday May 12th from 3-5pm CST.
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