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Mary Morgan’s Testimony

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July 23rd, 2012 | Filed Under: Author, Testimonies0 Comments | Author:

A Testimony by Mary Morgan

My brother finally told me about about 6 months after he started frequenting the website. He also found IWWB from there as many others have. We started fellowshipping once a week, studying the bible together — he and his wife, my sister and her boyfriend. This was around 2006.

I have enjoyed all the conference notes and audios and all the studies before, during and after Ray and Mike went their separate ways. It has been a joy to be part of this fellowship group and we shared email exchanges here and there, as I continued to grow, one exchange of which Mike shared at the beginning of one of his studies in February of 2006 (18_WhoCrucifiedChrist.mp3).

Then in 2009, Christ came into my life like never before. I was at home on a week’s leave of vacation from work, tidying up the bedroom when I collapsed. My husband Tony found me a while later, unresponsive but breathing, and after realizing that I had not started drinking again, he called the hospital to be told that I had had a stroke.

At hospital, I waited two days before I was seen by a doctor because it was a long weekend holiday; the care there was wanting, and I was transferred to another facility only one week later.

This care home was under quarantine, and during this time I was without any outside stimulus whatsoever (no visitors, no TV, nothing). I shared a room with two others. I was paralyzed and not speaking, yet so it was very quiet within, and I felt Christ holding me up.

While there, only about one week later, I got very ill. Tony, my husband had been with me all day with my daughter Michelle, who drove Tony home. In the middle of the night, Tony answered a phone call from the hospital, so he and my daughter drove back, 120 miles or so in a snow storm to see me near death. He was told I had a 50-50 chance to live. It was a very scary time for my family, but here I am to recount the events.

With the stroke, I was paralyzed on my right side and could not speak at all, but hospitals don’t keep you long before you are sent off. I was sent to a nursing home where there too, we experienced indignities and negligence. Without being able to speak, the family did not know of any of it and after 6 weeks, still fully paralyzed on my right side and completely speechless, I was sent home where Tony began nursing me back to health, with some help on weekends from my niece Maria and a friend whom I worked with at the Victory program, Sharon, who was very kind to us all during that time.

Through all of this I was conscious on the inside, where Christ held me close. The kingdom of God is within, indeed! It was now He who was protecting me: through a 72 hour quarantine and through the negligence of ‘caregivers’ who do not come to assist with the most basic of needs; through all of it, Christ held me up, within.

A little more than two years later, now I can walk on my own and wiggle my fingers and bathe myself. I can converse and read a little and pray with my brothers and sisters in Christ via Skype (thanks to Maria who set me up). My sister has died and my brother and I don’t fellowship any longer, but I have all these audios to study with on my own and even a few members of this my spiritual family who read and study with me when able.

And I can tell my story, Christ within me, to all who would hear it.


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