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Just Wait Until the Lion Roars

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July 29th, 2012 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn, Poetry2 Comments | Author:

A poem about God delivering us from our enemies within and without in due time.

When your land is full of darkness and fear
And crying and grumbling is all you hear
Just wait until the Lion roars

When your enemies curse and scoff at you
And it seems that your days are through
Just wait until the Lion roars

When the Lion roars every mouth is stopped
No one dares to utter a word
This majestic power revealed
Is like nothing they have ever heard

There are those know of this power
They wait patiently in His great tower
Safe from all the enemies below
They are certain of the fate to their enemies the Lion will bestow

They curse and doubt, ridicule and mock
Just wait you wretched men, the Lion will guard his flock
You may think you’re wise in your own eyes
But everything you treasure, He does passionately despise

So all you evil have your day, dance and sing
We know your fate, and the fury the Lion will bring

Do not fear my little ones, I know the days seem dark and long
The Lion he is preparing to sing a sweet heavenly song

The blackness must first be dark and thick
But when the glory comes, it surely will be quick

Fighting within and enemies without
Pressed on every side you feel, about this there is no doubt

So when you feel that all is lost
Thinking of returning to Egypt, you start to count the cost

Do not lose heart, do not lose hope
You will not in this darkness forever grope
The day is coming, if you just hold on
That these enemies you hate will soon be gone

Ohh you wicked spirits who torture us
Just wait for what you have in store
Soon you will hear My King, My Savior
Yes! You will hear my Lion roar

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  • Georgie

    this was helpful for me today. Thank you!

  • MitchellKuhn

    Praise The Lord!

    Mitch Kuhn