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Doug Alfred’s Testimony

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June 18th, 2012 | Filed Under: Author, Testimonies0 Comments | Author:

Doug Alfred’s testimony

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Doug Alfred's Testimony

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A quick Bio for your E-mail list. I became born again in 1973 during the Jesus movement with a vision of Christ on the cross dying for me. I had no Christian upbringing so this was a total shock that put me on my face for several hours. Much sobbing and cleansing took place in that 2 hour span. when I finally had the strength to get to my feet I felt new on the inside and had an huge desire to go to church which I had never attended in my 20 years. After going to church every time the doors were open, I soon became very frustrated with the system And thought it had to be my fault. I felt called to full time ministry so went to 2 years of bible college in Santa Rosa, California and was licensed with Assemblies of God as a youth pastor and again became frustrated trying to work within the system. I began to question my carnal beliefs and soon found out that to question the religious beliefs of the AG was not going to be welcomed. I had many discussions with my “clergy” friends and was soon branded a trouble maker and was encouraged to keep quiet or leave, I chose the latter.

I went back into secular employment and entered the “dark night of the soul”. I became disillusioned with religion and began to question if I even knew God at all. I rarely went to church but felt a growing anger when I did. I again felt it was my fault that I couldn’t “fit in”. As I studied the scriptures I would catch glimpses of Christ being so much more than I had been taught by the church. As I embraced these revelations I found my Peace returning. Revelations like no eternal torment, no rapture, no 10% giving, no trying to keep the law through will power, and others. As these truths washed over my carnal heart I began to feel free and joyful which was a far cry from the daily frustrations I was familiar with. I then made the mistake of telling my close friends of my new found truths and discovered their inability to grasp these things. They respected me enough to listen yet they “didn’t get it”. This response forced me into “digging deeper” and get a firm foundation under my feet. God sent some godly men my way to encourage and help mature my childish understanding.

I began to see the Body of Christ in a different way and He soon began to send me hungry hearts that were just starting their journey towards maturing into sons. I found a true compassion and willingness to “hang in there” with these struggling saints because I had been through the same “sufferings” they were going through. I discovered these sufferings were the only way for me to come to maturity so I began to “embrace the cross” more willingly than before. I discovered that my soulish desires were being replaced by His desires and that Christ was being formed in me through this very process. This destruction of my carnal man was bringing me into more and more freedom to walk His way. Sin had less and less dominion over me on a daily basis and revelations and understanding expanded on a daily basis as well. He was truly increasing but my fleshly ways were decreasing. The dying daily was my deliverance from sin having dominion over me. The Gospel is truly “GOOD NEWS”.

Doug Alfred

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