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Diana Dyches’ Testimony

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May 26th, 2012 | Filed Under: Testimonies0 Comments | Author:

This is the testimony of God’s work in the life of Diana Dyches

My name is Diana Lynne Dyches, I was born in 1956, and I live in Columbia, SC. I was born in Baltimore, MD and I grew up in Atlanta, GA with my dad. I have one brother and four sisters, but I am not close with any of them. My mom and dad had
kids, but the sister before me died. By my mom’s standards I was not supposed to be born; my parents were going to stop with the sister before me. But she died, so I was a replacement child. I was child number 6 (isn’t that interesting, #6)

As far as I can tell, my daddy had always been physically and verbally abusive to my mom and all of us kids. In fact, after the first 5 children, my daddy served a year in prison for abusing my mom. They don’t even hardly lock men up today for abuse. Back in the 50’s he must’ve beat her up pretty good to go to prison. While my daddy was in prison, my mom stayed in touch with his mom through letters, I guess because of the grand-kids. Momma had no intention of getting back together with Daddy, but when he got out of jail, he found the letters and found out where she lived. So they got back together and then they had me.

I found out the chain of events of how I was born through my sisters. I used to always ask God the question, before I ever knew about free will, or God’s will, “of all the places to be born, why did I have to be born into this family.” I always wondered why I was born. I remember being depressed as a young girl. I was unhappy all of the time. Those were questions God put in my head. I tried to kill myself more times than I can count. I used to plan it in my head every day. I asked God the same question that Job asked, “why was I born? Was I really born just to be so miserable?”

My dad kidnapped us kids and left my mom when I was six. I think he just took us as a ploy to get her back again, but it didn’t work this time. I never saw my mom again until I was 15 years old. Mom didn’t try to get us. She was scared of daddy. She just gave up. I guess she thought that if she got back together with him, he’d probably kill her this time. When I was 15 years old, daddy always carried a pistol. My daddy always said, “If I thought I could get away with it I would shoot you.” My dad said that to me when I was 15 and that’s when I ran away from home. I went back to my mom. She didn’t know what to do with a 15 year old so she sent me to my sister in Columbia. That’s how I ended up in Columbia, SC.

My grandmother was the one that turned me on to God. When we were living with my dad, we went to stay with my dad’s mom  a lot. I loved to go with her to Bible Study on Wednesday nights. Not a kid in sight, but I just loved going to church and sit there with my grandmother.

I got married in 1976. I had known James since I was 15. I got married when I was 19 and we were together 26 years. James didn’t want to have kids. I had 2 abortions by James before we got married. After we got married, it was 7 years before we had our daughter, Crystal. And now I have three grandchildren, two girls and a boy.

In my 30’s, while I was married to James, my dad sent me the “Plain Truth Magazine” which was published by the World Wide Church of God (WWCG). My daddy got them free, so he sent them to me. (God does work in mysterious ways.) I found a WWCG in the Columbia area and started to attend. While I was at church, I read a verse that basically said, “God has to choose you, you don’t choose God.” And it made me cry, because I thought, “Well, God is never going to choose me.” I was always beating myself up for every evil thing I ever did. I guess I thought I was one of the meanest people in the whole world. I now know that every evil thing I ever did was by God’s design.

I went to church by myself, my husband didn’t go. As I got to going there, I would invite people to the house for dinner, and he didn’t mind socializing with them, but he didn’t go to church. I got close to a couple people but for the most part the people at the WWCG were not very loving people. They were very focused on the physical. We were focused on not eating pork or pork and beans, or anything with lard in it like Little Debbie cakes, Krispy Crème Donuts or bread with lard in it and whether or not you should eat jello. These were the things they were concerned about, worldly things. And other things like, when I first came into the WWCG, you couldn’t wear make-up then they changed it to where you could wear make-up. We didn’t celebrate the holidays like Christmas and Easter, but that seems to be about the only thing they got right.

Then the World Wide Church of God fell apart, when Mr. Tkach died, then it went completely secular. We started to keep the holidays and Christmas and Easter. I started to realize that they were just like every other church out in the world. So I just didn’t go to church at all for a while. Then I started thinking, I never did get the “joy” part of it. I was still depressed. I was still down all the time and really never did get the “joy of God’s Word”. I thought, “There must be something wrong with me because I’m not getting the joy part”. I thought, “the fruit of the spirit is love, joy peace…” and the preacher was preaching it, but I wasn’t getting it.
And at the same time I was confused. I thought, “where do I go now, what do I do now?” At that point I also left James. And I started going to the Baptist church with the guy I was dating at the time. The Baptist church wanted me to be baptized and I didn’t want to be baptized again. I’d already been baptized. That’s probably when God was beginning to open my eyes about the truth. I realized that I didn’t agree with the minister about baptism, so what else didn’t I agree with – Tithing. WWCG really emphasized you need to Tithe 10%. So that’s when I Googled Tithing and found Ray’s sight.

I met Mike Vinson and Willard and Bettie and other members of the body, for the first time, at the first conference at Salisbury, NC. And when I first came to IWWB I was on anti-depressants and I was a very angry, depressed individual. I was angry with everyone and everything. I was probably angry with God. This is when I started to learn that my life was planned and it was all written in my book. All of it! That’s when I really began to struggle with everything even more for a while. At this point, Willard and Bettie decided to come out to SC and visit me. They knew I’d been down and they drove 8 hours to come to visit me. I asked Willard why they were here, were we going to do a bible study or something and he said we came just to see YOU. They had come all that way just to see me! No one ever had treated me like that. They wanted to meet me, without any ulterior motive. He stood in my dining room and put his hands on me and said, “Diana, you don’t need to take those anti-depressants.” And I never took another one. This was the beginning of me seeing the difference between the church experiences I’ve had and the love of a real body, and real true love of family.

Now I am trying to look at the positive strives God has done in my life rather than the negative attributes of my life. My depression was very deep and real and God chose to heal me of it. God healed me of depression, but he has not yet healed me of other physical pains of Arthritis in my neck, regular Migraines, and back pains. I still have to interact with my ex-husband and I have many struggles with my daughter, but God is helping me through my trials on a daily basis physical and spiritual. And I know that one day it will be very clear to me why I have had to struggle so much in my life. I know God will use it for good.

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