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January 19th, 2012 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn, Poetry0 Comments | Author:

A poem about our brothers one day sharing
in our trials and being perfected by them

by Mitch Kuhn

Standing in our huge worship hall
We all believed we heard your call

With hands lifted high and voices raised
We all sang and praised

With our lips we said “I love you, Lord”
Our hearts were far from you, lacking the sword

Wonderful works we did in your name
But you said “I never knew you” when judgment came

You want us to worship in spirit and truth
Not to sing songs while taking eye for eye and tooth for tooth

Then you came to me as a thief in the night
To be judged within was my plight

A coat of many colors I was given
Then into the pit was I driven

My brothers left me in the cold like a dog
Not knowing in their eye was a log

Through many trials I have been
To cleanse me from my sin

Next to the king now I sit
Finally to rule I am fit

Now I walk in spirit and truth
No longer driven by the lust of youth

One day the Lord will send famine
My brothers will see they worship mammon

Wearing the coat they once did curse
They’ll see the gold that fills my purse

When the trials come my gold does last
While by brothers are forced to fast

One day I will share the mercy the Lord has given me
But not until the Lord has given them eyes to see

In the end we will all worship as one
In truth and spirit standing in the sun

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