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January 15th, 2012 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn, Poetry2 Comments | Author:

A poem about seeing ourselves as the wicked husbandmen

by Mitch Kuhn

There were two men who had plans for wealth
A vineyard they did rent

They spend long hours toiling in the dirt
Cultivating the perfect grapes

The harvest was abundant, grapes were crushed
Hundreds of barrels were stored

Sitting back, indulging on their wine
Imagining security and all that they will buy

Suddenly a knock at the door
The owners servant has arrived

Seeking his master’s harvest
The vineyards was his from the beginning

The evil plans of the husbandmen were manifest
They wanted the riches for themselves

They beat this one and sent him away
But more the master sent

One after another the servants came
Each one beat and sent back empty handed, or put into the grave

Finally the master sent his son
Surely to him they’ll listen

Evil plans only get worse
“Kill him and the inheritance is ours!”

Slaughter them all and burn to ashes
The Lord will judge these men

Is your wrath kindled? Are you indignant?
Do you think these men should die?

Just like David do we respond
Not knowing the parable is about us

Our lives and possessions are the vineyard
The Lord owns all we have

Do we give his fruit to the servants he sends?
Or do we beat and send them away?

The Lord will provide for us
He knows we need food and raiment to live

But we don’t see at first that it is all his
We have nothing of our own

We will gladly give him his due fruit
After we have been judged

We first plot evil and are killed
For we did not reverence his son

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  • Larry

    So true Mitch, “The Lord owns all we have” and it was His “from the beginning”!!! How SILLY and BLIND we are to think God’s property and talents are ours! We will surely ‘give an account’!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Larry!