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January 22nd, 2012 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn, Poetry2 Comments | Author:

A story about men as trees and the Body as an orchard

by Mitch Kuhn

I really like the looks of this tree, the leaves are so beautiful
I cannot wait to tell my friends.

We all are so happy to see how quickly it has grown. Hearing all the joyful praise flowing off our lips, a wise man stops and listens in, then shares some hard learned advise.

I agree this tree you see is stunning beautiful, and I hope it does survive the years and feed you with its good fruit. I have seen many trees just as beautiful pass through droughts, winters, and storms. Beauty is pleasing to the eye, but does not make a tree to stand.

Before you count upon its fruit or ask it to bear any weight. Look for signs the roots run deep, drinking from flowing waters deep within the earth.

Ask of storms it has withstood; did it topple when howling winds blew?

Has it survived the freezing cold, along with scorching heat?
When drought comes and rain is gone does it still grow?

You are but children, oh so young, you have never seen hard times.

The storms will come, the wind will blow, and you will hold onto the beautiful tree.

You will be surprised when it falls. You will run for dear life.

The day will come when you are hungry and you will reach for its fruit – bitter and rotted it will be, completely filled with worms.
This will all happen if you judge before the time.

Let me show you a better way, how I survive the storms, droughts, and seasons.
Do you see that orchard of trees all so close together, as if hugging or holding hands.

Do you see the scars on the trunk from branches lost, evidence of storms survived.

What you cannot see are the roots below, tightly woven together. Holding on to each other tightly, drinking deeply of flowing waters, nourishing every tree.

When storms come and fiercely blow the trees do lean, but afterwards the roots continue to grow, each storm strengthens their grip.

If the wind tries to pull up one tree it is not alone. All the others are holding on; the orchard has become one.

The orchard bears fruit in all seasons, each tree at their own appointed time. While some are resting others are producing deliciously wonderful fruit.

So dear children heed my words and build your houses in the orchard. Here you will be safe and fed at all times.

The orchard does grow as older trees drop fruit onto the ground. Carried by birds and the wind, many seeds are scattered.

The seeds land in many places near and far, some in the rocks, some on roads, and some in good soil.

The only ones that become good trees stay close and become a part of the orchard.

So children, nurture the beautiful trees near the orchard, hopefully one day they will serve you well.

Do not rely on them until you see that they indeed stand firm and bear good fruit.

I turned to my friends with a grin and pointed to the orchard. Let’s move our houses there, storms may come tomorrow.

We still care for the beautiful tree as we wait to see whether it will stand.

Bless the wise man sent to me to give me wisdom and help me see.

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  • Georgie

    Something that just popped into my mind, regarding the grieving of the new man over the old man…we do grieve the Holy Spirit, it is aggrieved when we fall short. and the old man knows it, and he grieves also, with the struggle all through the night, begging for the blessing.

  • MitchellKuhn

    Amen sister Georgie.

    Mitch Kuhn