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First Must Come Great Sorrow

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January 18th, 2012 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn, Poetry4 Comments | Author:

A poem of comfort, telling us that the
ones we love must suffer what we went

by Mitch Kuhn

The ones I love are in distress
They are under spiritual duress

Filled with an evil spirit
Your word, they cannot hear it

Lord I want them to have relief
But in you they have no belief

I wish they could be delivered tomorrow
Yet I know that first must come great sorrow

I wish they could see like me
Then they could be set free

As my past do I ponder
I remember how your riches I did squander

I was a miserable wretch
Until with your hook did me you catch

I killed your prophets day and night
Against the flesh I did not fight

The hail came down, the rock did fall
I was crushed and then realized I was so small

To suffer greatly, oh Lord how long?
Whaling in misery was my song

The days were long, dark, and bleak
It took many stripes to make me meek

I was turned over to Satan
That my path the Lord would straighten

This truly is the only way
For his spirit with me to stay

Lord, I don’t want the ones I love to suffer what I’ve been through
The trials were many and times of peace were so few

Lord please deliver them from this pain

That your spirit they might gain

Then the Lord spoke to me
“You know what it takes to be set free”

I will not deliver them tomorrow
As you said, “first must come great sorrow”

All you can do now is obey
Listen carefully to what I say

The ones you love will, cry, moan and weep
They will curse you, if my words you keep

Their days will be long, dark and bleak
This is necessary to make them meek

There is a time to comfort and a time to grieve
A time to help and a time to leave

Gather with those who have also been through the fire
Your spirits they will lift higher and higher

The Lord is only delivering a few in this life
So go and tend first to your spiritual wife

We love the world and do what we can
We patiently wait, knowing God will save all of man

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  • Mike Vinson

    Absolutely inspired Mitch. This poem bring Ecc 9:2 to mind.

    Ecc 9:2 All things come alike to all: there is one event to the righteous, and to the wicked; to the good and to the clean, and to the unclean; to him that sacrificeth, and to him that sacrificeth not: as is the good, so is the sinner; and he that sweareth, as he that feareth an oath.

    I pray the Lord will continue to inspire you to write these poems which are so in line with His word.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mike. Lord willing the Lord will continue to provide poems that I can share.

  • Ursula

    This is just the right words for me today, Mitch. Thank you for having them ready for me when I need them.

  • Anonymous

    I’m do glad to hear that. You’re welcome!

    Mitch Kuhn