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Fear of Man

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January 16th, 2012 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn, Poetry5 Comments | Author:

A poem about recognizing trials as God’s way
of purifying us.

by Mitch Kuhn

Why do I fear men and tremble at their call?
Why do their harsh words and scorn make me feel so small?

Why do I want to run and hide?
Why am I so terrified?

Like a snake wrapped around my chest
It squeezes the air our of my breast

I have no peace, my body is tense
I am anxious in every sense

Dear son, do know now that men are but clay?
They can only do what I say

Temporary piles of dust filled with spirits
Causing all kinds of hysterics

Like ships on the open sea
Blown and tossed about by winds sent by me

They are merely puppets on my hand
On their own they cannot stand

They boast and curse and ridicule you
With sharp tongues they run you through

Dear son, I have sent them for your good
To change you to gold and destroy the wood

To be sharpened on my lathe
In the fire must you bathe

So when I send enemies to scorn
Remember my words and blow the horn

Fear not man, they can do nothing to you
I give this understanding to very few

I am the one you must fear
Through chastening you I’ll rear

Then your house will be built on the rock
You will be one of my flock

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  • Ron

    Like always, God’s perfect timing on a daily bases. Love it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Ron!

  • Nicholas

    really beautiful

  • joe valdez

    God knows when you need a word of encouragement This is the one I needed where we realize that he is in control of all things in our lives. It ministered to me!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Joe, I’m so glad that these words ministered to you. The Lord is good to give us what we need right when we need it.