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Patience (Poem)

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December 17th, 2011 | Filed Under: Mitch Kuhn, Poetry0 Comments | Author:

by Mitch Kuhn

A poem on the importance of patience, and our complete lack
thereof without God.

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In patience ye posses your soul
It will make my spirit whole

It is just so hard to wait
While my path the Lord makes strait

As Gideon’s army so I must be
Sure that victory is from him and not of me

On the Lord I do not wait
So he sends me a crushing fate

And just like ole’ King Saul
I certainly do fall

Lying dead on the battlefield
Finally to his will I do yield

It was not because of me
The fiery trials have set me free

It was not until this day
That I was able to do and say

Lord I will wait on you
Thank you for making me one of the few

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