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Becoming a Preacher

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December 22nd, 2011 | Filed Under: Author, Mitch Kuhn, Poetry0 Comments | Author:

A Poem about what it takes to become a preacher of the Gospel.
Through fiery trials, weakness, and humility the few are given the gift
of sharing the words of life with others in this life.

Becoming a Preacher

Who does God use to preach the Gospel?
Oh who will his spirit reach?

He first starts with the weak
Those who he is making meek

Afflicted like Job must you be
If His face will you see

First come hail, fire and storms
Making you wish you wish you were never born

All you loved is set on fire
The smoke continues to rise higher and higher

All the idols in your life
Christ destroys for jealousy towards his wife

Over and over we rebel
Until our flesh we do sell

Our treasures destroyed by moths and rusted through
The Lord pours out his wrath on the few

Evil men around me they do prosper
But my flesh the Lord does not foster

The treasures of the flesh I do not gain
The Lord is preparing me with him to rein

I have certainly tried to to run away
But in his grace he’s made me stay

The path to life is narrow and strait
Off the path death is your fate

I have fallen off both sides
When truth the Lord does hide

I move too fast and then too slow
As I learn how I should go

At times too soft and then too hard
From chastening my mind is scarred

When I recall the sharp pain
I’m reminded not to do that again

When the Lord seeks against me an occasion
Leaving the fleshly ways is my persuasion

If the Gospel I must preach
Occasions he will find for me to teach

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